R10 Brahman Stud South Africa

R10 Brahman Stud in South Africa
Home to some of the world's finest Grey Brahmans
The Ranch operates in the North-Eastern part of South Africa, 200 km from Zimbabwe, Botswana and Mosambique. Our Ranch is close to the wonderful and worldwide renowned Kruger National Park game reserve. We ranch our cattle in the tropical area of South-Africa at temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius and ticks, flies, mosquito's and various diseases form part of our daily program.

Our Brahman herd is primarily a closed herd with focus being on line breeding of exceptional cow families since 1971. Our whole herd was built out of Hudgins Ranch and V8 Ranch foundation bulls. We are proud to be one of the oldest Brahmans breeds in South Africa.
Welcome to R10 Brahmans

Proven practical methods integrated with modern management systems and techniques are used to produce Grey Brahmans that perform in the show rings, beef markets and ranches of Africa.

The R10 Brahman Stud South Africa is a family business built upon integrity, professionalism and Christian values.

We invite you to the ranch and we will be happy to show you some of the finest Grey Brahmans in the world. We believe by using R10 genetics you will improve your herd in one generation.

We always have 3 year old bulls and replacement females available for sale all year round.

We appreciate the interest in our program and look forward working with you.

Our Sires
R10 has drawn on its unlimited genetic resources to produce their herd sires. Semen available (Shareholding with present owner of bulls).
Our Females
For 34 years R10 Brahmans has shown the Champion or Reserve Female Champion on the National Championships.
Greatest Achievements
R10 Brahmans South Africa is a proud breeder with a wide gallery of achievements.
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R10 Production Sale 2023
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