R10 Brahman Stud South Africa

R10 Brahman Stud in South Africa
About the Owner of R10

The Owner of R10 Brahman Stud South Africa, Llewellyn Labuschagne, world renowned Brahman breeder near Letsitele in Limpopo province, South Africa has left a mark in the industry that very view breeders can match.

He has bred more than 530 champions. For the past 32 years without exception we have exhibited the National Champion heifer or reserve champion female.

Llewellyn's dedication to the breed is reflected in his duty to serve on the council of the Brahman cattle breeders society for the past 25 years and on 3 occasions as President.

He was elected honorary President after stepping down in 2008. He is presently honorary life President of South African Studbook.