R10 Brahman Stud South Africa

R10 Brahman Stud in South Africa
The History of R10

R10 Brahman Cattle Stud South Africa owned by Llewellyn Labuschagne. Llewellyn ended his career as a school teacher during 1970. He went to Eric Bilse of Bilse Brahmans with his state pension cheque and bought his first two Brahman bulls. He rented a farm near Gravelotte, where he ran a dairy. He subsequently bought the farm in 1978 and went to Eric Bilse to buy his first 30 Grey Brahman cows.

In 1980 Llewellyn started his well-known red herd and from then on Llewellyn only used genetics from HK Ranch Henry Clay Koontz and CY Yoakum. Llewellyn bought a new farm in 1983 near Letsitele and relocated the Stud. Through the years Llewellyn has bred more than 300 red and grey stud bulls, widely used by Brahman breeders across South Africa and Neighboring states in Africa.

Llewellyn continued breeding grey Brahmans but due to demand his emphasis changed in developing the red herd. On a regular basis he visited Brahman breeders in America to keep of the trends and genetics. He imported semen and introduced an embryo program. He ran both herds, red and grey, concurrently. However the red Brahman increased in numbers with a decreasing trend in the grey group.

In 1996 he bought 25 grey Brahman females from Bob Tecklenburg’s dispersal sale. Two year later in 1998 he sold his red herd. He concentrated all his efforts and knowledge in building one of the best grey herds in the industry.